20 June 2010

New Bovill Run Puts Depot on Route

Mention "Bovill Run" around Latah County and most people shake their heads knowingly, though most hasten to add that THEY never went on the Bovill Run. The legendary drinking ritual was common among locals and college students, challenging participants to down a beer at each tavern on a loop from Moscow to Bovill and back again. The Bovill Run made for lots of good stories, and yesterday 50 people added their own re-enactment of the run, sans the drinking. The historical tour, dubbed The New Bovill Run, was sponsored by the Latah County Historical Society, with buses provided by Idaho Roadrunners. Earl Bennett and John Mix provided the running narrative on the trip that went from Moscow, to Potlatch, to Deary, then on to Troy before completing the loop at Moscow.
At Potlatch, the big focus was on the recently improved Potlatch depot, with displays in the freight room, thanks to the Potlatch Historical Society and HPG. Janice Vowels Johnson, a Princeton native, provided colorful memories of growing up around the company town, while Barb Coyner talked about the depot history and more recent HPG efforts to rehabilitate the 1906 structure. As people toured the depot, they were impressed by the countless volunteer hours and beautiful results, with most remarking on the stark changes to the floors. Our new tenants, Julie Kerr and Karen Rohn, threw out the welcome mat, offering a sneak preview of Blackbird Station at the Depot. Some stopped to buy Karen's commemorative poster of the Bovill Run, and many vowed they would be back for speeder days and the grand opening of Blackbird Station. All in all, chalk up a positive review for our new and improved depot and the New Bovill Run! And volunteers, take a bow for making a huge contribution to the history of the Company Town! By the way, many on the tour expressed an interest in seeing the gymnasium across the street restored. Now if only we could find some rich relative willing to take that on.

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