19 November 2007


Snow has finally arrived on the Palouse and all the moisture is giving the new drainage system the acid test. So far, so good. Crews created a system that drains water away from the building, routing it further down the tracks. With all the rain and snow, quite a little lake is developing. In the past, much of that moisture would've gone under the depot. Despite all the standing water found under the building when it was lifted, it seemed the old buildling had still fared well and the supports were in good shape. It is amazing how stout that old depot is. Built to last!

18 November 2007

You are invited....

Come celebrate the Potlatch Depot!

December 8
3 - 5 pm
just before the Lighted Christmas Parade

This is a chance to see all the nice exterior improvements to the depot and celebrate with other depot backers. Please join us before the parade...

11 November 2007

We got wheels

With much of the exterior work completed at the depot, activities are more limited now. But last week a new set of wheels showed up along the house track. Thanks to Doug Wasankari and Vern Johnson, an old set of trucks from a WI&M snowplow were relocated. They didn't quite fit our caboose, which is still in Farmington, but they will remain with us for now. By the way, if you look at the top view of the depot, you will notice that the building no longer has any broken windows! The only major chore left is to replace the door to the upstairs, and that should happen soon.

05 November 2007

Tidying up the place!

The past few days have blessed us with good weather, so the contractors are doing the touchups. Wasankari crews are working on the drainage and dry well, and also got the loading dock and parking areas shaped up. Everything is looking very attractive. Now we're starting to hear more about what to do with the interiors. Some suggest a restaurant, and others tie depot uses to the old mill site. How about a golf course at the mill site with the depot serving as the clubhouse? Or maybe an airport and manufacturing area, with greenhouses powered by a biomass steam plant? These ideas have all been thrown out as possibilities! What do YOU think????