21 April 2012

Another Work Day at the Depot

It was a beautiful Saturday, perhaps too nice to be indoors banging on walls to remove lath and plaster from a century old building. Yet the arrival of the train right at the workday kickoff time seemed a good omen!  Once the train was out of sight, a strong crew of kids and adults gathered in the freight room for a safety talk from Jim West, Project Manager (the "bubbles" in the photo are dust specks).

Then it was time to don the face masks and gloves and get to work.  As the lath was hauled downstairs, a crew of kids removed nails and bundled the sticks for our own custom "Company Town Kindling."

Meanwhile upstairs, two of our newest board members, Hal Van de Vord and Scott Winther proved their worth to the team, along with Scott's wife Donna.  Son Travis Winther also got into the act, making the depot demo day a family affair.

And as always, the stalwarts from US Bank, Kenny Cada and Caryn Brown, were available to get into the act, along with Dave Cada, who actually lived in the depot in his early years.

The HPG was fortunate to have community service kids such as Ely Fowler working upstairs, while other community service kids kept up a good pace bundling more kindling.  Team effort makes a difference and the kids agreed that they really enjoyed working on a historic building such as the depot!

As always, we appreciate our fearless leader, Jim West, who drives all the way from Coeur d'Alene to supervise, and is usually the last person to leave the work party. Thanks Jim!