27 July 2009

Who Rides the Speeders?

The busy speeder weekend is past, but it's always interesting to hear people comment on their first speeder ride. They are already talking about next year!

So who rides the speeders each year? Many locals from the greater Potlatch community, such as EMT Chrissy Luther and son Sean, show up. And out-of-towners, such as Ward and Linda Pletcher from the Bellingham area, make the trip. Also, grandparents like Latah County Historical Society Director Dan Crandall (that's Dan with his grandson) appreciate the nostalgia, as do history buffs such as Keith Petersen (Keith wrote the book Company Town), Mary Reed, Steve and Chris Talbott. Then there are the folks that are planning on next year's speeder rides, like Daily News reporter Hillary Hamm and her boyfriend Daniel Ryan.

Speeders Help the Depot...Again!

As everyone knows, the Pacific Railcar Operators bring their speeders to Potlatch each year at their own cost to help fundraise for the depot. The speeder rides have made Potlatch quite popular each July, thanks to PRO. And the funds have kept the HPG moving ahead toward complete restoration and new life for the historic Potlatch depot. Now we find that PRO has given another $340 to the depot. We can only say thanks again PRO--we couldn't do things without you!

16 July 2009

More Speeder Pictures

Thanks to Roger Farrell for the photos on the previous posting, and thanks to Don Somers for some of these.

13 July 2009

Speeder Event Recap

First things first. The speeder event is about dedicated volunteers. The speeder owners themselves volunteer their time, speeders, and money to help us promote the depot. The musicians also volunteer time and talent. And then there is that well-oiled machine of volunteers who prep for the event, scrub the depot, set up displays, sell tickets, load riders and monitor speeders so that the public has a quality experience. We will post only a fraction of the photos showing our volunteers at work. If there is any pay for volunteering, it is the smiles, appreciation and overall enthusiasm for this annual event. Job well done, gang!!!! Many thanks.
(Top Photo) Faithful crossing guards Kirk McMichael (left) and Jim Evermann take a break after guarding the crossing at the Scenic Six Park. The park stayed busy all day due to the Wooden Bat Tournament. Several baseall players came to ride speeders again this year.
(Bottom Photo) Roger Farrell (left) kept activities on the loading dock running smoothly, while Tom Burg kept tabs on the ticket sales. Roger said this was his best event yet. And Tom did a great job of standing in for our usual ticket agent Ken Vogel.

12 July 2009

Speeders Hit the Mark

Nearly 20 speeders again came to support depot restoration and plenty of riders from around the region (even from as far away as Bellingham and Australia) came out to ride the rails. The railcar operators remain enthusiastic about sharing their hobby with the public, and the HPG can never properly thank them for their generous donation of fun each year. Not to be forgotten are the many volunteers, the musicians and concessionaires who help make this annual event a major success. Look for more speeder pictures in the future.

US Bank again partners with HPG

At the semi-annual board meeting Friday, the HPG again received a generous donation of $3200 from US Bank. The check was presented to HPG President Don Somers by bank branch manager Kenny Cada.

09 July 2009

POT-latch, here we come

White Pine Route author Tom Burg arrived from Wisconsin and was part of the welcoming committee at the depot today. Typically, he had to get in front of the camera and do something memorable.

08 July 2009

They're Coming!

First to arrive in Potlatch with their speeders were Jerry and Karen Wagner of Eagle ID. This is their third year of coming to support the depot and they're excited to share the speeder experience with riders on Saturday. In this photo, Dave Cada, city councilman from Potlatch, helps Karen and Jerry unload their speeder. Incidentally, Dave's parents made their first home in the depot.

Sparkling Windows

Notice those sparkling windows at the depot? Thank Carol Cooley of US Bank for all the sweat equity on this one. Carol helped the depot last year and was back with her same enthusiasm this year. She cleaned all the downstairs windows inside and out, and probably would've done the upstairs windows as well if the ladder had been tall enough! Thank you Carol!

04 July 2009

Waiting for the speeders.....

Only one week until the speeders come to town! Presale tickets go on sale Monday July 6 at the Potlatch branch of US Bank. Presale tickets let you choose your time and guarantee a ride, so it's advised that you get those tickets early. You can also get tickets for the Saturday evening barbecue with Tyler Renz serving up some of his original favorites. And don't foget that the Bennett boxcar stage will have music starting at noon. The Potlatch Historical Society, the HPG and the Latah County Historical Society will all have new displays, so check them out in the freight room....