13 July 2009

Speeder Event Recap

First things first. The speeder event is about dedicated volunteers. The speeder owners themselves volunteer their time, speeders, and money to help us promote the depot. The musicians also volunteer time and talent. And then there is that well-oiled machine of volunteers who prep for the event, scrub the depot, set up displays, sell tickets, load riders and monitor speeders so that the public has a quality experience. We will post only a fraction of the photos showing our volunteers at work. If there is any pay for volunteering, it is the smiles, appreciation and overall enthusiasm for this annual event. Job well done, gang!!!! Many thanks.
(Top Photo) Faithful crossing guards Kirk McMichael (left) and Jim Evermann take a break after guarding the crossing at the Scenic Six Park. The park stayed busy all day due to the Wooden Bat Tournament. Several baseall players came to ride speeders again this year.
(Bottom Photo) Roger Farrell (left) kept activities on the loading dock running smoothly, while Tom Burg kept tabs on the ticket sales. Roger said this was his best event yet. And Tom did a great job of standing in for our usual ticket agent Ken Vogel.

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