22 September 2010

Another Depot Fan Saves History from Wrecking Ball

Traveling through Logan, Utah, it's hard not to be distracted by the depot restoration project on the south end of town.  Local real estate broker Jed Willets of Cache Heritage Realty has really put some time and money into the depot he rescued from nearby Smithfield.  Not only did he pay to move the building, but he's painstakingly given thought to the new materials he's added to enhance the historic depot, which he says dates from about 1885. In the future, the depot will house his business and another related business.  Jed also hopes to locate a railcar and lighting to add to the overall railroad theme.  It is interesting that out of four railroad depots that once served the Cache Valley, only the Smithfield depot remains.  It's always fun to talk to someone else who appreciates the rich history of railroading in the West, and is willing to invest in saving a historic depot.  We (Barb and Jack) were fortunate to meet Jed while staying at a hotel next door.

20 September 2010

BlackBird Station Officially Opens 9-11

BlackBird Station at the Potlatch Depot officially opened its doors for business September 11 amist plenty of flare --and fun.  Pictured from top are "the Palouse Gals," a group who clearly came to enjoy the new shop, the restored depot and a variety of vendors.  Shirley of Buffalo Gals Jewelry set up shop in the freight room, while Potlatch musician Jake Willard serenaded visitors throughout the day.   Meanwhile BlackBird co-owner Karen Rohn's daughter Taurean and her guy Shogo came over from Seattle to do some special edition silk screens.  It was a celebration of talent, as Julie Kerr and Karen Rohn showed off their new and constantly changing inventory at the depot.  And according to Jack Coyner, the parking lot was packed all day.  Way to go Julie and Karen.  We wish you well!

17 September 2010

Blackbird Station Grand Opening Recap

Julie Kerr, left, and Karen Rohn are pictured above taking a well-deserved break to work on the depot planters after a hugely successful grand opening last Saturday.  The owners of the depot's first business, Blackbird Station, featured a full day of guest artists and vendors to augment their own gift and art lineup.  There was also live music.  The parking lot stayed full the entire day, and Julie and Karen deemed the opening event a great day.  Stay tuned for more photos, coming soon.

We Have Doors!

Local carpenter Kelly Phillips (that's Kelly amidst the sawdust to the right) was busy again today installing the doors between the freight room and the hallway.  Very good progress and the doors look great.  Now to finish some of the walls to do justice to the doors.  Kelly is picky about how things go together and had quite a challenge with some of the old door mechanisms.  But the vintage doors, salvaged from the Genesee School, open and close like they were custom fitted to the depot.  This is a great step forward for the building, and is also a boost that restoration is still moving forward.

Pictured above is one of the doors installed, this one leading from the bathroom hallway into the stairway area.  With the doors in place and working well, it is now time to think about the stairway area itself.  After seeing how nice the waiting room floors looked once they were sanded, it would be interesting to see what could be done with the well-worn stairs.