20 September 2010

BlackBird Station Officially Opens 9-11

BlackBird Station at the Potlatch Depot officially opened its doors for business September 11 amist plenty of flare --and fun.  Pictured from top are "the Palouse Gals," a group who clearly came to enjoy the new shop, the restored depot and a variety of vendors.  Shirley of Buffalo Gals Jewelry set up shop in the freight room, while Potlatch musician Jake Willard serenaded visitors throughout the day.   Meanwhile BlackBird co-owner Karen Rohn's daughter Taurean and her guy Shogo came over from Seattle to do some special edition silk screens.  It was a celebration of talent, as Julie Kerr and Karen Rohn showed off their new and constantly changing inventory at the depot.  And according to Jack Coyner, the parking lot was packed all day.  Way to go Julie and Karen.  We wish you well!

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