27 July 2009

Who Rides the Speeders?

The busy speeder weekend is past, but it's always interesting to hear people comment on their first speeder ride. They are already talking about next year!

So who rides the speeders each year? Many locals from the greater Potlatch community, such as EMT Chrissy Luther and son Sean, show up. And out-of-towners, such as Ward and Linda Pletcher from the Bellingham area, make the trip. Also, grandparents like Latah County Historical Society Director Dan Crandall (that's Dan with his grandson) appreciate the nostalgia, as do history buffs such as Keith Petersen (Keith wrote the book Company Town), Mary Reed, Steve and Chris Talbott. Then there are the folks that are planning on next year's speeder rides, like Daily News reporter Hillary Hamm and her boyfriend Daniel Ryan.

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