23 June 2010

Bovill Run, Speeders...Fun at the Depot Continues

First, to clear up some confusion from the last posting about the Bovill Run. Jim West called this morning to chide me that I hadn't mentioned a stop at Bovill in the post. Well, yes, we did stop at Bovill, and no, I didn't get tangled up in the taverns! Bovill was indeed a great stop where we had lunch, listened to a good talk about the old days, compliments of Bob Denevan, then toured around town with Becky Kellom, past Bovill mayor. Overall, we are getting very positive feedback on the New Bovill Run, sponsored by the Latah County Historical Society. According to Earl Bennett, one of the tour guides, there will be another New Bovill Run in the fall.

Now we turn our attention to the Annual Speeder Event, scheduled for July 10 at the Depot.

7th Annual WI&M Ry HPG History Days

Potlatch Depot Saturday July 10

Speeder Rides, Music and Food 9 am - 4 pm

Jim West has been busy lining up music for the day and has the HOG HEAVEN BIG BAND as part of the action at the Benx boxcar stage. Jim has also secured a promise from W&I Railway President Stan Patterson that the Southern Pacific "Black Widow" F-Unit (Pictured above with Don Somers and Stan Patterson on the loading platform) will be on display. This is great news for railroad buffs. Blackbird Station at the Depot will also be open, as will the evolving museum in the freight room. With Don Somers currently riding the train back from the Milwaukee Road Historical Association's annual meeting, the team will be ready to go for the upcoming preparations and festivities. HPG Director Tom Burg coordinated the MR event, but will unfortunately not be here for speeder days this year. Tom has been generously sharing WI&M artifacts and memorabilia with us lately in preparation for the new museum, and we appreciate that. Tom, we will miss you on the loading dock this year!

One last piece of info. I am meeting with Ted Runberg at the Depot today, because he is curious to see how it looks. Seems Ted grew up in Potlatch, worked at the Depot unloading cars for Stapleton Motors in the old days, and now resides in Priest River where he is active in civic affairs. I met Ted when I went to Spokane last fall to accept an award for Jack from the Inland Northwest Partners, compliments of Paul Kimmell of Avista. Paul has been a Depot backer from the start and chose to honor Jack for his early work in getting Depot restoration in gear.

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