24 June 2010

Depot Provides Sentimental Journey

Ted Runberg (pictured above looking at photos in the freight room) came to Potlatch yesterday to revisit some of his roots and decided the depot should be his first stop. Having grown up in the rural Potlatch area, Ted knew the depot well, and he used to offload automobiles for Stapleton Motors as they came in by train. He also delivered milk and cream as a teen. Ted's interest in the depot goes beyond memories however. He's an advocate for restoring significant historical buildings, and his son Brian recently restored the Beardmore Building in Priest River. Working with his son in promoting Priest River as both a good hometown and worthwhile tourist stop, Ted feels Potlatch offers the same amenities. As he toured the new Blackbird Station at the Depot, he mentioned that the Beardmore Building had similar retail appeal and they'd installed a wine bar there, as well. He wondered if the same type of business could work at the depot. He says the wine bar in Priest River is only open from Thursday to Saturday, but that it's well patronized and popular, drawing people that don't always do the tavern scene. Food for thought as the Depot gains traction as a new business in town.

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