16 June 2010

Small Visitor Tours Depot

Things are looking good at the depot, despite the rain in Potlatch. Julie Kerr and Karen Rohn are now official tenants in the waiting room and ticket office, having signed the lease yesterday. Welcome Blackbird Station at the Depot! Now the fun begins as Julie and Karen add stock, arrange the rooms, and plan for the grand opening. They will offer a sneak peek during the New Bovill Run on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, another little visitor--a banded pigeon--got a sneak peek of the freight room as Barb put up historical exhibits for Saturday's tour. Barb will be joined by Janice Johnson as official tour guides for the Bovill Run group. And Karen will have her neat posters on display, specially priced for participants. Here's hoping there's good weather in store for Saturday, as the Potlatch City Wide Yard Sale also takes place that day. It's another good reason to be in Potlatch, so stop by the depot and say hello as you're hunting for bargains.

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