17 March 2010

The Rundown Depot is Now History

As the crew of volunteers and professionals hammers away on the Potlatch depot interiors this week, it's fun to look back a dozen years. Pictured above are Scott Kammeyer, then mayor of Potlatch, and Cindy Braun, then in charge of the gifted and talented class at Potlatch Elementary School. These two joined a number of others as they toured the rundown depot to see what might be done to rescue the town's first commercial building before it was lost forever. The route to restoration was not an easy one and backers of depot restoration were publically criticized. Cindy's class delved into depot history and the kids got excited about the railroad. And Scott put out a call to write some grants. Today those early-day dreams are being realized as the depot interiors are being upgraded. Look for pictures of a new bathroom, a freshly painted waiting room and other improvements. Dreams are coming true!

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