17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Mr. Deary!

The old Irishman William Deary would've been proud. As a co-founder of Potlatch, Idaho, he was one of the first occupants of the Potlatch depot, designed as the first headquarters for Potlatch Lumber Company in 1906. Today, the depot was again alive with activity. Interior work and supportive infrastructure activities were in full swing with both volunteers and contractors pitching in.
It was a smiling bunch this St. Patrick's Day (was there some Guinness stashed away in the freight room?). Pictured from the top are: Shane Bartlett, our faithful electrician and model train nut; HPG board member Jim West (in plaid) pondering floor options with hardwood floor specialist Jesse Glassman; Karen Rohn, artist, future tenant and very capable carpenter; HPG board member Brian Magelky and son Aaron, in the fashionable hardhat; Julie Kerr, businesswoman, future tenant and top-notch caulker; Doug Wasankari, earth mover and historic preservationist. Thanks one and all. Things are looking good.

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