16 March 2010

Things Are Happening at the Depot!

Picture if you will a finished interior at the Potlatch depot. Tom Burg sent along a sample of how a finished space can look (the recently restored Mineral Point depot in Wisconsin). Meanwhile, the bottom photo shows Brian Magelky, left, and Jim West, right, getting started on the downstairs, north end.
Now picture being almost half way done with the current phase and that's where we are . The bathroom, kitchen and janitor's closet are framed in, Deary plumber Webb French is installing
plumbing, local electician Shane Bartlett is doing the electrical, Karen Rohn is ripping and tearing up floors, Don Somers is patching walls, Tom Cummings pitched in to take out old pipes, and Jack Coyner is carting off the building debris. Brian and Jim are the steady carpenters and during spring break, Brian's son Aaron is also involved. This is a team effort all the way and things are moving fast.
Tune in to the blog to see some later shots including the recently exposed brick wall around the downstairs vault. Beautiful!!!! There will likely be competition for who gets this office space.

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