13 June 2008

The Caboose Arrives Next

Gene Rambo wheeled into town early yesterday with a load of "seasoned" trucks, signaling that the arrival of the WI&M caboose is at hand. Gene and Connie have owned the historic caboose for years, with Connie and her mom, Alma Hay, and other family members using it as a ceramics workshop. "We've had loads and loads of fun in that caboose," said Connie of the old-timer that had once plied the WI&M line. As the caboose weathered and family members gave up ceramics, Gene wondered about the caboose's future. He'd put a tin roof on part of it to keep weather out, but through the years, the little car has shown decline. Thanks to Gene and Connie's generosity, however, the caboose will take up new digs in front of the depot in Potlatch. In time, the WIMHPG hopes to repair and restore the caboose and put it to use.

As for the delivery of the heavy trucks yesterday, the HPG thanks Gene for transporting them to Potlatch, and Jim Larson for unloading them with his self-loader. Jim did a precision job of placing them on the tracks, and also placing a track section further down from the depot. Jim and Gene both show that the HPG depends on the generosity of others to keep moving ahead with preserving WI&M Railway history!

Pictured in the photos are Gene Rambo, Don Somers and Jack in front of the rusty trucks before they were unloaded, and Jim Larson doing the heavy lifting to get the trucks unloaded.

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