06 June 2008

US Bank steps in to help Depot

A big thank you to Caryn Brown of US Bank! She has created a catchy train-themed quilt with companion wall hanging as part of US Bank's commitment to having its employees active in various community projects. The quilt and wall hanging will be raffled off in a drawing during Potlatch Days July 19 and all proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Depot. Tickets are on sale at the Potlatch branch of US Bank and will also be available during the speeder weekend July 13. The quilt is on display at the bank and tickets are $1 apiece or 6 for $5. Don't be bashful about snapping up your tickets soon. The goal for the employees is $1000! Let's help them get there by supporting this project.

Kenny Cada, long a Depot supporter (her in-laws Joe and Dorothy Cada spent their early married life as tenants in the Depot apartments), dreamed up the volunteer activity. As branch manager at Potlatch, she was aware that the US Bank CEO was making 8 hours of paid volunteer time per year available to each employee to work on a community project of the employee's choice. Caryn, an avid quilter, said yes to the quilt idea and fellow employee Carol Cooley found the train fabric. Caryn put the custom look together, spending way more than the 8 hours of allotted volunteer time. Other bank employees will help put up displays for History Day at the Depot.

We thank our friends at US Bank for their commitment to the Depot. They have been solid supporters!
Pictured in photo, left to right, Kenny Cada, Caryn Brown, Carol Cooley and Michelle French

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