15 June 2008

New Track Being Installed in Palouse

Don Somers thought it might be a first for the WI&M --concrete ties instead of wood. As Don and Jack Coyner headed to Farmington today to look at the caboose, they went via Palouse. The town is doing a street improvement project where the railroad passes by, and as part of the improvement, a concrete bed is being put down on Whitman Street. Don has supplied some photos to show the changes.

As for the caboose, Doug Wasankari went along to Gene and Connie Rambo's to see what strategy he might use to get the car moved. It is quite possible that the caboose might be here in time for speeders on July 12. This is a genuine WI&M caboose so it belongs with the depot!

1 comment:

Mike Bjork said...

Long gone are the days of 70lb rails in the street. Glad to have gotten an opportunity to see it.