16 June 2012

Making Concrete Progress

Concrete was poured last Wednesday and by Friday, the ramp was welcoming visitors to the Company Store.  Don and Barb harvested the first two strawberries of the season out of the planters on the same day, while Kenny Cada added two dozen lavender plants to the dock landscaping on Saturday. The loading dock is definitely looking good!  Although we got word that the speeder event has fallen through for this year due to some unanticipated maintenance issues with the railroad, the depot will be inviting for any event we might schedule for July 14.  Stay tuned on that score! By the way, thanks to Caryn Brown and Kenny for ably handling the tasks of refunds for the advance ticket sales.  It's been tricky having to cancel the speeders, knowing how much everyone enjoys them.

Photos show the amount of progress at the depot in just a few days, much of it due to Bob Behal who seems to show up daily to keep things moving along.  His reward for his dedication on Saturday was a ride to Palouse in the locomotive with Joel King.  Bob was grinning ear to ear when he returned, noting that he'd been at the throttle for a while and had also gotten to sound the whistle.  An appropriate reward for his hard work.  Bob was joined for some of the day's work by Bill Warner, who has also been showing up on a regular basis.  Thanks guys...and thanks to Don Somers for working a double shift at the Company Store this weekend while Karen Rohn showed her art at Moscow's Artwalk Friday.

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