19 June 2012

Energizer Bunny Still Going Strong

Bob Behal has to be the Energizer Bunny in disguise!  He just keeps going and going.  Once again, he was down at the depot today, working away non-stop on the platform.  We can probably thank the University of Idaho for some of our good fortune, because Bob says he can't carry his UI vacation time over, he has to use it up.  So he chooses to donate his time to getting that platform done. Bob found us only recently, saying he thought our project was "neat" and that he figured he should get involved.  His past volunteer work includes years of working for Habitat for Humanity in San Antonio and more recently on the Palouse.

Among other news, Dan Crandall of the Latah County Historical Society plans on being out in Potlatch tomorrow to set up an agriculture exhibit at the bank, and a new train exhibit at the depot.  We appreciate Dan's enthusiasm for the depot project, and his yearly contribution of a new exhibit for us.  This will definitely help us get ready for the Milwaukee Road Historical Association visit coming up next week.

Not to let any grass grow underfoot, Kenny Cada, Jim West and Karen Rohn are still planning a July 14 "Evening at the Depot" event, featuring three bands, a silent auction, homemade desserts and fun.  When we heard that Winco overbought Yellowtail Sauvignon Blanc, and was clearing it out at $1.68 per bottle, Kenny arranged to get a case for our evening event. Such a deal.  The July 14 evening replaces the speeders and will be considered our major fundraiser, so spread the word!  Admission will be $10, and already donations are coming in for the silent auction.

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