11 July 2011

Speeder Days Now in the History Books

The 8th Annual HPG Depot Days are over and the speeder operators and HPG volunteers are now recovering.  What an excellent weekend to ride the rails!  The weather was perfect, the 23 speeder cars and their operators managed to delight the riders again, and the seasoned volunteers kept things on time.  The thank you's can start with Jim West doing a bit more on the freight room finish work, then Kenny Cada doing intense cleaning, and Jack Coyner and Don Somers getting the Kennedy Ford turnaround ready.  Such details often go unnoticed but are very important!  We also have to give a special salute to Caryn Brown and Shannley Moon, who did presale and ticket sales.  These girls are so organized it's scary!  And the seasoned veteran Don Somers got all the speeders checked in and ready.

The dock workers are a well-oiled machine by now.  Thank you Don Somers, Roger Farrell, Mike Kauffman-- and Dave Vos and Dave Zuhn from Minnesota!  And don't forget one very key player:  Jack Coyner, who distributes water for the thirsty crews!  Also flaggers Aaron and Brian Magelky, Hal Van deVord, Jim Evermann, Joel and Cynthia King and son Phillip, Dave Nice, Kathylu Szabo, Kathleen Burns, Webb and Isaac French, and Tom and Peter Hillebrant.

Details of how many rode the speeders and how much income was derived are still being processed, but suffice it to say we had a very good year!
Pictured from top: 

1. Speeders ready to go!
2.  Don and Joyce Holst, from Grants Pass and newcomers to the speeder lifestyle, prepare to take on passengers.
3.  Don Somers processes speeders to see how many passengers can be taken on each ride (this is certainly an inexact science but Don kept things running smoothly)
4.  Jack Coyner, speeder event co-coordinator, shares some down time with flaggers Brian and Aaron Magelky.
5.  Shirley Somers gets a speeder ride with Mark Hudson who came all the way from Dry Ridge, Kentucky!
6.  Clyde Andrews pilots the John Henry down the track with special guest Keith Petersen, Idaho State Historian, his wife Mary Reed and their friends Steve and Chris Talbott.

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