11 July 2011

The Day After...

(Pictured above:  speeders crest the hill coming into Moscow as seen through the windshield;  Don Somers, left, and Clyde Andrews take a break at Palouse. Note the cargo being towed by the John Henry!!)

July 9 marked the HPG's eighth speeder event, and as always, the day brought people from far and wide to ride the rails to either Princeton or Kennedy Ford, with a longer ride to Palouse as the grand finale.  Stay tuned for a separate posting on the wrap-up on our Depot Days event. 

Meanwhile, some of the stalwart volunteers got a grand finale of their own, riding to Moscow the day after on July 10.  For me, your loyal blogger (Barb Coyner), the ride with Clyde Andrews in the John Henry, was the best speeder ride ever!!!  Clyde and his son Kurt brought the larger speeder from Othello and we were glad to see the father-son team back after several years of not attending (We did miss seeing Clyde's wife Bonnie!).  Don Somers and Jack Coyner also got to enjoy the ride to Moscow and back, as we departed from the Potlatch Depot at 8:30 am and returned at 3 pm.  The weather could not have been better and the views riding through the wheat fields of the Palouse were grand.  At one point, a cropduster dive-bombed a field next to the track, adding a bit of excitement.  We also enjoyed some nice scenery along the Palouse River and an inspiring panorama as we scooted down the grade into Moscow. 

It is rides such as these that refresh the weary crew, and allow the speeder operators to regroup after giving many rides the day before.  Our thanks to these loyal operators will never be enough!  At the conclusion of our ride, Shirley Somers had the margaritas waiting as Don, Jack and Barb recapped a very busy weekend!

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