06 April 2010

Modern Amenities!

We have a new flush toilet in the depot (that means the guys won't have to sneak out between all those railcars in the future!). And two spiffy new heaters that really warm up the room on these chilly days. Thank you Webb French (plumbing) and Shane Bartlett (electrician). In the volunteer efforts, Don Somers forges ahead with patching walls and other necessary cosmetic work. Jack Coyner, meanwhile, keeps on keeping on with the grubby insulation work. He has now come about half way and it seems that the waiting room is toastier. Let's hope so. By the way, the photo above is a page out of the past. Notice where that Potlatch sign is located. One day perhaps we shall have the depot sign moved from the little depot in the park to where it really belongs! Who wants to talk to the mayor?

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