04 April 2010

A Day of Rest

There is no end to the list of to-dos at the depot as the interiors take shape. Don Somers, top photo, has done an amazing job of patching holes in the walls, climbing on and off ladders to nail and fill. Much of the time, there has been no heat in the building and temperatures outside have been chilly, so this is not easy work for the faithful volunteers. Barb and Mike West (that's Barb working and Mike supervising!) donated a whole day on Saturday to sweeping up, nailing in support for insulation and doing various other necessary jobs. And Jim West and Jack Coyner worked steadily on pulling up the hallway floor upstairs in preparation for insulation. Jack is pictured taking a break from wearing a mask and stuffing insulation between floor joists (bottom photo). There is likely a good pair of eyeglasses somewhere in that insulation after Jack's glasses inadvertantly slipped from his pocket and weren't discovered missing until later. If they are ever uncovered, will they be deemed an artifact?
Sunday -- Easter -- will be a welcome day of rest! If you add up the volunteer hours from the HPG, it is stunning. And Monday many will hit the ground running again!

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