22 December 2009

HPG Saves log Car from Scrap Heap of History

With a caboose and the Benx car already in WIMHPG ownership, it does look like the HPG is out to amass a whole railroad. Today, thanks to volunteers from Jack Buell Trucking and Bennett Lumber Products, a 1940s-era log car was delivered to Princeton. The log car, once under Milwaukee Road ownership, was trucked from St. Maries to Bennett Lumber, and will ride the rails sometime next week to its new home by the depot, thanks to the Washington and Idaho Railroad. We appreciate Rolland Meyers getting the ball rolling on this project. With the St. Maries Railroad in the process of scrapping all 476 of its flat log bunk cars (see photos above, taken at the St. Maries scrapping operation), Rolland managed to get one for the HPG. According to Jim West, 230 cars have already been dismantled for scrap, but this one has been spared as a piece of logging and railroad history.
Many thanks are in order on a project like this. Jack Buell Trucking, with Frank Buell doing the hauling. Ed Katus was the point man at Bennett Lumber, with Jeff Iverson running the large Bennett crane, and Dean Beyers and Carroll Stephenson assisting with the off-loading procedures. And last, but certainly not least, thanks to the St. Maries Railroad and Potlatch Corporation for donating the car! Such donations are no cheap date and we appreciate the help and encouragement.
Scrapping photos courtesy of Jim West.

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