11 December 2009

Caboose Bundled up for Winter

The temperatures have been single digit and it was timely that the caboose was moved safely last week. Once again Doug Wasankari and crew went the extra mile, helping HPG folks wrap this great piece of WIM history. Granted, it is isn't as flashy as showing off the rail car, but the tarp will prevent further deterioration until we can restore X-5.

In the meantime, Jim West sent another batch of photos of the move, some of which we display now for our readers. Notice Don Somers leading the parade---literally. Don was a real stalwart, staying out in the cold with crews throughout the move. And Jim broke free from all his Boise meetings to be there for some help and good photos. Jack too attended when duty called, and among the three, all expressed relief that the caboose is finally in place.

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