26 June 2008

The Benx Car Gets a Bath

Nathan Vowels and his employee Blake Bunney were down at the depot early today, pressure washing the Bennett car. Amazing what a bit of scrubbing can do. Blake did a thorough job and was still at it later in the day. We thank Nathan for his interest in helping us out. Next, Jim West will work with Frank Bennett to get the car painted. It would be great to eventually put up an interpretive sign telling more about Bennett Lumber and its distinctive blue rail cars, which ran over the WI&M line for a number of years. Bennett Lumber is a strong part of rail history in the area.

Speaking of trains, while we were checking the progress on the pressure washing, the W&I engine came along with a string of 15 empty cars. Were they destined for storage or is Bennett Lumber shipping out another longer train of lumber?

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