29 September 2012

Roger Tackles the Platform Work

Some of us have long known Roger Farrell as that great looking guy who keeps the speeder riders in line each year.  This weekend, however, Roger donned his work clothes to do some wrap-up work on the new platform.  Tightening down the planks further, he then gave the whole area a good washing so the rest of the deck could be stained.  It was a long day for Roger, and we appreciate his steady dedication to the HPG.  By the way, probably not everyone knows that Roger now has a speeder of his own, so we will look forward to some updates on that front!

With more warm weather in store, Bob Behal and his crew will likely be back working on the caboose next week. Thanks to one and all for the many hours of volunteer work that make things happen at the depot.  By the way, did anyone notice the set of trucks is gone from our house track?  Seems our HPG treasurer Don Somers helped get them sold, making some extra money for the group.  Thanks Don!

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