13 July 2012

Get 'Er Done

Getting ready for the July 14 "Evening at the Depot" has brought out the best in our HPG forces.  Board member Hal Van de Vord pulled into the parking area Thursday without much fanfare, unloaded his riding lawnmower, and tackled the grassy areas around the depot, then hauled out his push mower to spruce up the spaces between the tracks.  This is what a guy does in retirement??  Once he'd groomed the surrounding landscape, he hopped back in his truck and took off.  Many thanks, Hal!!!!

Board president and project manager Jim West considers the depot a family affair, and this time daughter Delaney joined him.  She was busy doing some staining by Friday morning.

And who should show up Friday morning but our phantom board member Paul Kimmell (that's him on the right with our Jolly Jim)?  Don't kid yourself.  Paul has been the depot's patron saint for years.  But he said it was time he put some sweat equity into the old building, so he joined Friday's work crew to bump up the tempo and get the platform done before the Saturday concert.  By the way, Jim was up and at 'em at 4:30 (no, I wasn't there to prove it), doing his level best to get that darned platform done.

Bob Behal, our ever faithful energizer bunny, was back at it again, and maybe it's time we install a cot in the freight room for him.  The man works through all kinds of weather, and without him, we'd never have gotten this far.  How do we say thanks enough, Bob?

Here's the action around noon Friday, as Kenny and Dave Cada presided over the hammering and drilling (they were tending to other chores inside).  Also, thank you Jon Anderson for once again coming out to help (that's Jon on the far left).  Jon was one of he earliest workers on the depot, many years ago, and he still helps out when he can. 

Meanwhile, inside, Kenny, Karen Rohn and yours truly (Barb) set up the silent auction and tidied the ticket room  We have some amazing things donated, including two pies from Michelle French and a bundt cake from Caryn Brown (Don Somers was on hand to open up the Company Store during all this and provided amusing tales of getting his yearly firewood).  And Dale Spring from the Wagon Wheel deserves a halo for kicking in much of the wine and beer for the Saturday event!!!!  And the City of Potlatch donated chairs and tables for the eveing, plus the catering license.  This is an "I think I can" sort of town!!!!

See you Satuday night at the depot!!!!

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