04 June 2012

Volunteers Make Steady Progress

It's as if some stealth workers have invaded the depot and done amazing things while no one is looking! A stroll through the depot today showed just how much work has been accomplished over the past two weeks.  As I escorted Ryon Ownbey around the upstairs, we could only marvel at the sheer brute force needed to deal with the massive amounts of lath and plaster needing to be removed.  This work isn't for sissies!  Ryon, who is relocating to Potlatch and staying with his grandmother, Phyllis Rohn Ownbey, will be working on a documentary about Potlatch.  Seeing the depot gave him a feel for the determination and pride in local history that still exist in town, and also acquainted him with the historic depot in which his other grandmother once worked. As we toured City Hall, Ryon also met Dave Cada, who is presumed to be one of the stealth workers, along with his wife Kenny.  In the future, don't be surprised if you see Ryon poking around the depot, asking people their ties to the building, and perhaps filming them in action. 

For the next few weeks, the work continues on removing the lath and plaster (and you can see how much there is in just one room!) and project boss Jim West promises volunteers can burn a lot of calories if they show up this Saturday.  Doug Wasankari was also around last Saturday to talk about starting the concrete work in preparation for building the new platform.  As if that isn't enough activity, crews are also busy working on the caboose!  Hats off to our wonderful volunteers who will be cited by name when and if we can catch them in action!!!

By the way, don't forget that advance tickets for the speeder event went on sale today at US Bank and Potlatch City Hall!  The annual speeder event will be July 14!!!!

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