29 June 2012

They came, they saw...and they gave!

Attendees of the Milwaukee Road Historical Association annual convention rolled into Potlatch in four buses this afternoon, and HPG members Jim West, Barb and Jack Coyner, and Bob and Marsha Olsen were on hand to greet them, as Karen Rohn staffed the bustling Company Store.  It was a lively group and we were happy to greet several HPG members among them, including Rob Lemke, who originally helped us purchase the depot, and past board members Tom Burg and Carl Sonner.  HPG President Kenny Cada and husband Dave were in the entourage, as were HPG Treasurer Don Somers, newsletter editor and board member Tom Hillebrant, and our newest and longest distance board member David Zuhn.  Many crowded into the Company Store to purchase items, and that generosity also was extended in the way of a $1000 check from the MRHA to the HPG!!!  Tom Burg, Kenny Cada and Dave Zuhn are pictured below with the check.

A MRHA Group Photo

The Company Store with board member Karen Rohn in charge of sales

Convention attendees also walked across the parking lot
to check out the developing PHS Museum quarters in City Hall

Joyce Gilmore paid a visit during the MRHA tour, and here she visits with HPG Chairman of the Board Jim West. Joyce's late husband Tom and their sons worked many years for the WI&M, and she brought several documents and mementos to share with us.  It will be fun to look them over in more detail.  Jack noted that long time WI&M employee Larry Smith also stopped by during the tour.


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