29 August 2010

A Little More Progress at the Depot

Doorways are ready for doors now. Pictured above is the view looking into the hallway.
Below Jim West and Jack Coyner survey their handiwork.

Things must've gotten too quiet for Jim, the project manager for the current phase of depot interior restoration.  Thinking he'd spent too many weekends at home in Coeur d'Alene, he once again opted to spend his weekend pounding nails in Potlatch!  Wrangling Jack into helping --or at least offering moral support --Jim tackled the door openings between the hallway and the freight room.  In a candid moment, Jim admitted that he figured this would be a quick job, but as often happens in 100-year-old buildings, the construction wasn't quite predictable.  He'll have to explain it more in detail to those interested enough to ask, but suffice it to say, the quick job turned into a couple of days of measuring, sawing, pounding---and sometimes ripping out!  Thanks Jim for staying with the project.  Now, any volunteers ready to hang the beautiful doors that were salvaged from the Genesee School?  Things will look great once these doors are in place.

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