09 July 2010

They're Here!!!!!

The speeders rolled into Potlatch yesterday afternoon, and just as Bill Taylor promised, there are 17 lined up on the tracks, with an 18th speeder arriving after registration closed down for the day. The Potlatch to Palouse rides are the hot ticket and with this latest head count, there might be room for even more rides. Historic restoration guru Doug Wasankari and wife Melanie showed up scouting for tickets, and Idaho State Historical Society board member Earl Bennett got in right under the wire. The girls at US Bank said there was a flurry of ticket sales, so we hope that means lots of happy riders for Saturday. Meanwhile at the freight room, Potlatch Historical Society set up its sales and exhibit areas, and Company Store manager Brian Magelky had the HPG all lined out for its sales. Karen Rohn and Julie Kerr have railroad themed art at Blackbird Station, as well. And pictured above is Jim West tidying up the caboose for tours on Saturday. With the HPG board meeting at 1 pm today, it is a full line-up of activities for the board members in town.

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