08 June 2010

The End is in Sight! New Beginnings Ahead!

The train came through today. And a visitor stopped by from Anacortes, telling Brian and Jack about the days his mother lived in Palouse and rode the train to Potlatch to take music lessons. She'd stay overnight at the music teacher's house, then ride the train back to Palouse the next day. Later she was considered so good at piano and organ that she played for the silent movies in Palouse.
What a great day to be in the depot, listening to stories from the past and hearing the train whistle as the locomotive headed to Princeton! It's those moments that make all the work worth it. Once again today Brian worked on the trim and doors, as Julie wielded the paintbrush. Meanwhile Jack has been steadily holed up in the freight room, working on the endless to-do list there. Last night Jack tested the outdoor lights and found they lit up the place just fine. Progress! With Karen filling the outdoor planters with soil and lugging in more display items, it is feeling more and more real that the depot will soon be alive with business. Blackbird Station at the Depot Coming Soon!!!!!!

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