16 May 2010

Work and More Work

It's always helpful to look backward when the work goes on and on! The photo above is from 1996 and shows then-mayor of Potlatch Scott Kammeyer with Potlatch Elementary School special education teacher Cindy Braun. The two were touring the old WIM depot with an eye toward getting the building restored. Scott kicked of the pursuit of an ITD grant and Cindy had her gifted and talented class reviewing depot history and writing reports.

Fast forward and the depot is no longer faded gray, and thanks to plenty of sweat equity, the interiors are coming along, as well. Architects estimated that interior work would require perhaps a half million dollars, but devoted volunteers have logged over 1000 hours of donated labor in two months, and $35,000 just keeps on stretching. We have electricity and plumbing, fresh paint, restored floors and a long list of other civilized conveniences in the north end of the downstairs. There was a set back last week as the building inspector asked us to replace the sheetrock with commercial grade, but we also had a volunteer stop by who is a professional sheetrock hanger. He has volunteered some hours for the future. With interiors coming together, future tenants Karen Rohn and Julie Kerr are getting ready to move in. Stay tuned. And be sure to review past postings on this blog to learn of the upcoming Speeder Event and other noteworthy accomplishments at the depot!

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