25 May 2010

Saluting some of our steady volunteers

If you are one of the many dropping in at US Bank in Potlatch to buy pre-sale speeder tickets, you will recognize Carol Cooley, one of our most loyal volunteers. Carol helped spruce up the depot for the speeders last year and the year before (that's her pictured last year cleaning every window on the lower floor!), thanks to the US Bank community volunteer program. Carol and branch manager Kenny Cada also take on the duties of selling pre-sale tickets for the speeder event. This is no small job, especially when the tickets sell out quickly for some of the rides. We can never thank these ladies enough for their enthusiasm, accuracy and care in helping us with the big event coming up July 10!

As for progress at the depot, it still often feels like things will never be done. Shane Bartlett was busy working on the wiring again today, and Jim West took another day of leave from his job in Coeur d'Alene to keep chipping away at drywall installation and the like. I don't know how we can ever thank Jim enough for his dedication as Project Manager. He has given his all, and we hope and pray his back holds out after all the punishment he gives it! Not to be forgotten are the almost-daily contributions of Don Somers, Brian Magelky and Jack Coyner. Tomorrow Verizon shows up to hook up phone lines for Karen Rohn and Julie Kerr's new shop BLACKBIRD AT THE DEPOT, and the WIM HPG, which will share a line with the Trailways Bus service. That makes it seem like the enterprise is actually for real.

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