01 April 2010

Take a Virtual Tour of the WI&M

Okay, all aboard WIM fans, this is your chance to take a virtual tour of the historic WI&M line, thanks to our esteemed historian Tom Burg (pictured on right above, next to speeder, with Roger Farrell on the left)! Just hit on the www.wimryhpg.com link on this blogsite, then when the HPG website comes up, choose the "virtual tour" option on the right hand side. This is fun so be sure to try it out. And thanks Tom Burg and Tom Hillebrant (our webmaster) for making it happen.
Meanwhile, down at the depot, the pounding and drilling continue, thanks to our diehard band of volunteers Brian Magelky, Don Somers and Jack Coyner, with Jim West coming from Coeur d'Alene today. Shane Bartlett, local electrician, has us wired now, with insulation coming soon. Brian tiled the bathroom floor (looks great Brian) and is now working on insulation and ducts, Don is patching the multitude of holes, and Jack is removing lathe and plaster upstairs. Yesterday Department of Commerce rep Hank Ebert toured the depot with Aimee Shipman, the new county grant writer. The excitement and progress continue!

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