20 April 2010

The Fun Never Ends

Jim West sent along some photos of last weekend's work "party" at the depot, showing the dedication of the HPG volunteers. Julie Kerr, pictured on the left in both waiting room photos, did seem to look like an alien as Karen Rohn decked her out for masking and painting duties. And yes, it does appear that HPG President Jack Coyner is loafing while chatting with Becca West in the hallway. Don't let the photo fool you, however. Everybody is working hard in the later stages of interior restoration and the building is almost ready to occupy. Once Julie and Karen move their shop in, the rest of us can focus on what to do with the freight room as we contemplate development of a museum. By the way, thanks to partnering organization Potlatch Historical Society for kicking in another $1000 to keep restoration work moving ahead.

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