04 January 2010

New Year Brings Time for Reflection

While rummaging through some files of more recent Potlatch history, it appears we might have missed an anniversary of sorts. The October 19, 1989 issue of the Boomerang recites details of the moving of Old Number One earlier that week. The historic WI&M locomotive had been a fixture in front of City Hall, but it was decided that the 90-tons of steel would be better placed in the newly-evolving Scenic Six Park.
What a day to remember! As dozens of volunteers lined up to do the work, two lowboys waited at the depot. The idea was to lay some track, roll the engine and its tender onto the trailers, then drive them across the flats to the new location. There was a lot of skill, determination and savvy in the crowd that day and watching the action provided plenty of entertainment. Although the mill had closed for good just a few years earlier, it was clear that the community spirit was alive and well. Brains and brawn made the move successful and Old Number One has been a centerpiece at the Scenic Six Park ever since.

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