15 January 2010

Log Car Safely Delivered

Our historic log car hitchiked into Potlatch behind the W&I locomotive this morning and is now safely located next to the caboose at the depot. We're amassing quite a collection of history for the town. Thanks to the railroad and Jeremy Leiterman for once again helping us, and to Don Somers for the top two photos. The third photo down shows the car being cut loose from the engine. Good thing the brakes worked as it rolled onto the siding.
On hand to watch the events was Steve Adlard (pictured with Don Somers), a die-hard railfan from Camas WA who thought he'd hit the mother lode when he saw the engine moving through town. Steve is involved with steam power groups, Timber Times and other historic rail organizations, and has attended speeder days in Potlatch. He's bought land at Santa and plans to retire to the area in the near future. A new HPG member?

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