03 December 2009

Caboose Move Inspires Memories

As the caboose pulled into Potlatch on Thursday, past WIM employee Scott Winther stopped by to watch (Scott is pictured in the blue jacket as Jack Coyner and Don Somers join him). Both Scott and his dad were railroad men, and Scott remembers bunking a few times in cabooses when his shifts prevented him from going home. He said one of his coworkers would put on a pot of stew at Potlatch, and by the time the train pulled in at Bovill, Scott had dinner ready.

As Jim West (in orange vest) and Jack Coyner toured the caboose, both were impressed at how much of the interior was still intact. The caboose interior design seemed the model of efficiency with its woodstove, refrigerator, bunk, viewing area and storage.

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