09 May 2009

A Student's Ideas for the Depot

Last week UI interior design student Holly Colvin presented her ideas for the depot interiors. The blog will show some of her work over the next few days in hopes that depot supporters will do their own thinking about possibilities for the interiors. In this post, Holly envisions the freight room as a coffee shop/internet cafe/used bookstore. The HPG has been fortunate to work with students from Dr. Wendy McClure's classes in the past and we thank Shawna Corey for keeping her UI classes involved. Holly's presentation shows that there is indeed community interest in this historic building!

At present, we continue to work with architect Karen Owsley from Moscow. Karen has been a long-time leader in historic preservation in Latah County and has served on the Latah County Historic Preservation Commission. In the future, we will be posting some of Karen's ideas as we go forward into the next phase of restoration of the historic WI&M depot at Potlatch.

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