24 July 2008

More Action at the Depot

The speeder event, which furnished over 250 rides, ushered in a busy season at the depot. We had an encore weekend during Potlatch Days on July 19, with dozens of visitors checking out the displays in the freight room. Pictured above in front of some of the Potlatch Historical Society displays are Sue Benson (left) and Ida Courier, who gave a thumbs-up to the idea of a museum in the freight room. People lingered over pictures of old area schools, local veterans and other assorted memories, and several left with PHS items such as notecards, CD's and books. The book Company Town by Keith Petersen is no longer in print and PHS and HPG are both sold out on the popular book.

Potlatch Days also brought out a number of people after the parade, ready to sign on the dotted line to help with depot interior work. Happily Tom Cummings, a general contractor from Harvard, proved to be just the kind of volunteer we want and need. He's been busy assisting Don and Jack with removing plumbing, wiring and false ceilings. So far Tom has put in two days applying his professional expertise to the depot, and we can't thank him enough! That's Tom pictured working up a sweat upstairs as he bores into some walls to remove pipes. The work is dirty but necessary, and such community participation shows what the citizens can do to refurbish the 1906 depot.

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