29 December 2007

Playing Trains

Those of us who have been working on the depot have long felt that the future of the depot ties in with the future of the railroad. That's why it came as good news that the Washington and Idaho Railroad has landed a new customer in addition to Bennett Lumber Products of Princeton. W&I President Stan Patterson tells us that Stella Jones Corp. will be trucking cedar poles to the Harvard siding for rail pickup. Stella Jones, a Canadian wood products company, recently bought out the Baxter Pole Company mill at Juliaetta, and plans to ship 10,000 to 12,000 poles from Juliaetta to Canada for further processing. Trucker Greg Stancil of St. Maries delivered the first load of 45-foot long poles to Harvard on Friday (see top photo), with rail pickup set for next week. He says the flatcar can haul 3-4 truckloads. As for Stan Patterson, he is very happy about the new customer, and said BN helped broker the deal, which allows Stella Jones to ship from Harvard rather than Lewiston.

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