09 December 2007

Depot Open House

Comments are still coming in today about how wonderful the depot looked last night. Some visitors furnished details on original interior colors, expressing enthusiasm for getting rid of the "puke green" color that was likely painted throughout the downstairs in the '70s. Ruth O'Reilly reports that over 135 people signed the guest book (which was not brought out until the reception had been underway for an hour!).

Pictured in this post are Orchid Award recipients. Don Somers holds his award, gaining recognition for all he has done to bring the project to fruition. The group photo shows: Morris Arnzen (contractor), Don Somers (President, HPG), Barb Coyner (Chairman, Latah County Historic Preservation Commission), Dan Karel (Porject Foreman) and Doug Wasankari (contractor for foundation, loading dock, parking lot and drainage work). Missing was Larry Duff who also received an Orchid Award for his generous roofing contribution.

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