12 October 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

The painting has progressed from the top story being started yesterday, and it's about done today.

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wimry said...

I surely do appreciate the day-to-day photos, especially the close-ups showing the hip roof braces, cross-bucked pocket doors, etc. When the entire depot was faded and gray, it was difficult to fully appreciate the fine architecture of our depot.

I'm also pleased to see the red and green colors are pleasant to the eye and go well together, and won't be mistaken for Christmas colors!

The depot's resurrection had been a long time coming!! Jack Coyner submitted the Enhancement Grant application in February, 2001 and I signed the depot purchase documents in late July of that year. It sure does my heart good to know that so many others will now appreciate the depot, too.

Thanks Jack, Don, and everyone associated with this project for the past 6+ years, our HPG members, private and business donors, and government officials for their good work, support, generosity, prayers, articles, WPQ's, phone calls, encouragement, this blog space, the videos, the photos--a project this size literally takes a village to raise.

Okay, so when will we have a platform to sit upon and toast our success? I've developed a powerful thirst for a hoppy beverage these past 6 years, 2 months, and 22 days!

Then on to Phase II!!!

Jim West